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'INREC' Incident Recording & Management System 


INREC is an Incident Recording and Management Software built for the Glass manufacturing industry to hold quality related information about the glassware. INREC can be used by other industries as well. INREC allows the quality auditors to record the results of inspected pallets using a set of guided intuitive forms for subsequent analysis for defects. As an option, INREC provides 'Defect Recogniser' module that uses AI (artificial intelligence) techniques to identify defects in the glass by reading the images of glass bottles being tested. The collected data can be downloaded for further analysis using Excel, Power BI etc. 

Intelligent Water Network Management 
Our Intelligent Water Network Management Software is targeted towards integrated water authorities who control all aspects of water starting from the water pumped out from the source (borewell, river, aquifer etc), then treated in fresh water treatment plants and sent through the town water reticulation system. Our software uses advanced calculations and machine learning to generate a dynamic  real-time 'Water Balance' which tells the authorities how much water is being produced, billed , wasted and / or remains unaccounted for. Since this water balance happens in real-time, leaks can also be detected easily. The smart analytics built in the system, provides insights through detailed reports and dashboards showing water balance at every stage including predictive insights about the health of assets e.g., pumping stations.
Alarm Analyser
Our Alarm Analyser software provides a deep insight into the cause of alarm, using machine learning to explore the root causes. In addition, it also provides information about asset uptime information, time it takes to repair assets etc.
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