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Industry Partnerships

We partner with several Global Industry Leaders in the field of Industrial Automation, Industrial IoT and Cloud Computing.


We are a Solution Provider of GE-DIGITAL and have extensive experience in implementing GE products and solutions in the Industrial Automation space. We can assist you in optimising your GE Automation and IIoT assets. Contact us to discuss how you could maximise your GE assets.

IoT Alliance Australia

Our Senior partners are members of IOT Alliance Australia, the apex body driving the standards for Internet of Things in Australia.

We are a Silver Partner of Oracle and offer Business Analytics and AI driven solutions using Oracle Cloud solutions.


QUASARDB is an ultra high performance solution for addressing time-series data related challenges. We use QuasarDB to engineer real-time solutions that scale to petabytes of data while remaining performant and can be deployed bot on-premise and cloud for demanding, mission critical applications. Contact us to discuss about your requirements for 'Time Series Data' applications.

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