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IoT, Big Data, Data Lake Consulting

Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data are now at the forefront of technology and promises to be a game changer as more and more devices (~50 billion devices by 2020 as forecasted) get connected. However, we have seen that take-up of IoT in industrial applications have been slow as industries have been using SCADA, DCS and Historian systems with up to hundreds of thousands of connected instruments and tags. Also there seems to be a concern and confusion about what is Big Data and how to handle, manage and make use of the Big Data. Thus we get to hear some common questions :

  1. We have an advanced SCADA, Historian system with web based visualisation, controls and reporting installed. We are unsure what value IoT will bring in our case as we are already connected.

  2.  IoT is a subscription based service and likely to cost us approx. $40-60K for licensing /year. Is it worth that money for connecting a bunch of devices and perform some web based data visualisation when my existing SCADA or BI tools can do the job.

  3. We are collecting a lot of machine Data; but how do we make business use of such data? What tools do I use that will give me real insights into my Data? Can I use my Data to predict outcomes?

  4. Do I really need so much of Data to be stored as cloud storage could be expensive?

  5. What about my Data Privacy and Sovereignty?

  6. Are my data stored in SQL or No-SQL databases? etc.

Through our IoT and Big Data consulting, we address your concern and provide you with a clear direction about the Business Use Cases for IoT and Big Data management in your organisation. This consulting phase also addresses concerns about IoT functionalities, Connectivity options, Big Data mining, Data storage options e.g. on-cloud vs on-premise, Data Analytics, value proposition, Information Security and Data Sovereignty etc.

MES Consulting


MES (manufacturing execution system) has been traditionally seen as an intermediary between the ERP and the shop floor SCADA system. MES has been used to track inventories from raw materials to finish goods, perform workflows and determine the OEE, production efficiencies, wastages, downtimes, machine availabilities etc.

We offer our MES solutions around a large number of established products in the MES space starting from GE Proficy Plant Apps, Proficy Workflow to specialised workflow software

Software Development, Business Intelligence Reporting & Machine Learning 


We provide consulting services for implementing Business Intelligence framework, Dashboarding 

Data Mining and Monetisation using Advanced Analytics 


We offer real-time AI driven advanced analytics that help monetise Operations Data by identifying patterns, detect anomalies etc, that improves asset reliability and remaining useful life.

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